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There will be no winner's hair

  • 2019
    Screenprint on Somerset Satin 300gsm
    27.5cm x 18cm (unframed)
    From an edition of 8
    Please note: the price is for an unframed, unmounted work


    This work is part of a series conceived as visual ripostes to gendered "just-jokes".  These tiny screenprints are dark bluish-green with a subtle silver sparkle, visible when light hits from the side. 


    The source image for this work depicts Helen Clark, Co-chair of the investigation into the WHO's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic (2020-1), former front-runner to be the next Head of the United Nations (2016), Head of the United Nations Development Program (2009-2017), and first elected female Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999-2008).

    Exhibited at Glasgow Print Studio in 2019

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