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Something to Remember

2018. Something to Remember is a collaborative exhibition (with Alexis Neal) which  refers to the act of re-figuring a past as contingent in the present. The work considers the process of forming identity influenced by community, place, role-models, and social structures. Within these works there is an absence of specificity -  fragmented and reconfigured, ideas are remembered as forgotten. Finkenauer's works for this exhibition include a series of one-off screen prints, editioned embossed prints, editioned foil stamped texts; an artist book and a soft sculptural installation. 

Elke Finkenauer is a visual artist of New Zealand/German descent, living and working in Glasgow, United Kingdom and Auckland, New Zealand.


Installation view

Knotted rope house structure and prints on right wall by Elke Finkenauer, prints on left wall by Alexis Neal.