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Approximately Bacon

Installation comprising bead screen, projection, soundtrack (courtesy of Callum Monteith), light sculpture, steel stand, plastic cup, candied vegan bacon, bacon air freshener, plinth, perspex, Bloody Mary. Exhibited at The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow

Approximately Bacon refers to cycles of aspiration and disappointment experienced through attempts to manufacture the body as if it were an artefact. The installation is comprised of a small translucent screen, laboriously constructed from iridescent plastic beads, depicting a pixelated image of folds of bacon through which is projected a sequence of colours which drop off screen at ever-increasing speeds. This is accompanied by a house-music track that never quite peaks, Bloody Marys, chilli-candied facon, and a light sculpture offering a viewing/framing hole through which to ponder this disconcerting series of approximations.

This work was exhibited at The Old Hairdresser's in 2016. 

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