Saturday Safari


Saturday Safari documents the temporary existence of sculptures created using clothing and accessories ‘borrowed’ from online retailers, and returned under a 28-day free returns policy.

This series mimics the early business model of online retailers, such as ASOS (an acronym for 'As Seen on Screen'), who copied celebrity’s outfits, making their style accessible to everyday consumers. Referencing totems of contemporary art, Saturday Safari considers the art of documentation and the economics of artistic production.


Staged and documented in a domestic setting, borrowing from languages of advertising, the poster images documenting the temporary sculptures are accompanied by vinyl lettered descriptions which detail the transaction through which their material components were acquired, and allude to a return to purpose after the works were disassembled.

Elke Finkenauer is a visual artist of New Zealand and German descent, living and working in Glasgow and Auckland

© 2020 by Elke Finkenauer