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Skin Crawl

(f.k.a. Priscilla & Friends: a portrait)


Expiring fruit cast in jesmonite, rubber objects cast from ad-hoc molds made from fishnet tights and plastic bags, muslin, leatherette, carved and painted polystyrene, Perspex, gemstones, pebbles, sea sponge, nail polish, steel and a ceramic toe

Skin Crawl borrows from ideas of trypophobia (a fear of closely clustered holes) and aposematism (warning colouration exhibited by animals who are hostile to predators) to refer to the aging process and the refusal to conform to cultural ideals. This work is the sculptural equivalent of a group portrait, staged atop a steel stand fabricated in the form of a liquid spill, suspended in the moment of pouring over the edge of a table and pooling on the floor. 

This work was developed during the Hospitalfield Summer Residency 2018 and exhibited in #24hrwindow, Glasgow.

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