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Draw a Line Somewhere

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Draw a Line Somewhere



Two-sided soft drawing. Red felt, black quilting, yellow cotton. Approx. 3000mm x 3600mm x 10mm (h x w x d)

Draw a Line Somewhere explores languages of drawing, through an engagement with surface, line, gesture and process. Conflating drawing with soft sculpture techniques the work hints at three-dimensionality yet exhibits characteristics of drawing, such as a flat surface as a ground and line as a key element (created through processes of cutting and stitching). Whilst gestural, the form is a product of meticulous labour – a repetitive and experiential process of encounter through fabrication that represents an interiorisation and an antidote to mediated experience.

This work was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Student Art Prize, and exhibited in St Mary's, York in 2015. 

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