Fragments of a Method

2019 - ongoing

Between October 2019 and April 2021, I drew, made a colour study of, and described each of the 5,279 things in my studio. Contained in 19 handmade sketchbooks and 100 sheets of loose paper, these interpretation of tools, materials, found objects, and leftover and insignificant things were guided by three rules: 1) mistakes must be visible, 2) no new purchases, 3) no value judgements or quantifiable information. In this work drawing is a verb, an approach to an (always partial) understanding through approximation, abstraction, and selection. Improvisational modes of drawing are used to re-think activities, inputs and outputs, embracing the possibility of failure and exploring the potential and limits of the system. Begun just before the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, this project documents the contents of a space demarcated at the level of a single person. A point of departure for 'Fragments of a Method' is Perec’s 'Life A User’s Manual', a novel of 100 chapters set in a 100 room apartment block. Structured, specific and at times nonsensical, the central narrative is punctuated by vignettes, each a story of people, things, spaces, and actions existing alongside other people, things, spaces, and actions.

This is the first (ongoing) phase of a work that will evolve into 2nd and 3rd phases. Phase 1: collection of information; Phase 2: categorising and allocating information to determine future potential artworks; Phase 3: attempting to make the potential artworks. 

Colour study and description
Apple core
Laminate fragments
Colour studies and descriptions
Thing 4589
Colour studies and descriptions_2