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Bit Parts | Fragments of a Method



Between October 2019 and April 2021 I drew, made a colour study of and described each of the 5,279 things in my studio. Contained in 19 handmade sketchbooks and 100 sheets of loose paper, these interpretations of tools, materials, found objects and leftover and insignificant things were guided by three rules: 1) mistakes must be visible, 2) no new purchases, 3) no value judgements or quantifiable information. In this work improvisational modes of drawing are used to re-think activities, inputs and outputs, embracing the possibility of failure and exploring the potential and limits of a system.  

This work will evolve in three phases:

Phase 1 / 'Fragments of a Method': This is the drawing project and the process of creating the 'data'. The data includes drawings, handwritten notes and hand-drawn and collaged colour tiles. I presented Phase 1 at the Drawing Symposium: Drawing Lockdown Part 1, convened by Drawing is Free and Drawing Projects UK. This PechaKucha-style symposium focussed on how drawing practitioners responded to experiences of the global pandemic through drawing. You can watch the whole symposium here and view my contribution here

Phase 2 / 'Bit Parts': In this phase the handmade-data is digitised and labelled. It can be explored online using an interactive tool developed in collaboration with Jen Sykes. This will launch in April 2023.

Phase 3 / This phase is speculative (i.e. doesn't exist yet) and currently untitled. It involves using the dataset.

Colour study and description
Apple core
Laminate fragments
Colour studies and descriptions
Thing 4589
Thing 4555
Thing 4556
Thing 4557
Thing 4558
Things 4559 to 4562
Thing 4563
Thing 4564
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